(1) Sleeve
(2) Straps
(1) Pocket
(1) Belt “if ordered”

Note: The instructions are a general guideline for installing the leg bag holder. You may only have the need to use 1 leg strap instead of 2. Or find a different order in which to do the steps to install it. Finally, the most common question I get is ” the leg straps you sent me are to short” The leg straps are designed to cover from one edge of the sleeve to the opposite side. The straps help keep the sleeve from moving back and forth.

Step 1

Remove the 9″ x 9″ pocket from the main piece “sleeve”

Step 2 ( If using belt w/pant loops, skip to step 4 )

UR-in-EZ can be worn above or below undergarments
The leg sleeve has a fuzzy side (UBL Unbreakable Loop) and a smooth side. The fuzzy side should be facing outward.
Put on belt loosely and position the sleeve from just above kneecap to the belt line. Slide under belt as shown

TIP: For some users the sleeve will be to long. If you like to tuck your shirt in, this can pose a problem. The sleeve can be cut at either end with a pair of sharp scissors to give you a perfect length. Cutting will not fray or damage the material

alt=" urinary leg bag holder attached to belt"

Step 3

Fold sleeve over UR-in-EZ belt and apply to the velcro strip sewn onto the belt. Tighten belt

If using own belt, fold again underneath the belt so the velcro strip on the sleeve sticks to the fabric. Tighten belt

Step 4

Apply the 2 leg straps, as shown. One at the bottom and one above where the leg bag or catheter bag will be.

The straps do not need to go around the entire thigh, only from one side of the sleeve to the other side

Step 5

Position and Apply pocket
The pocket can be put on as tight or as loose as you want depending on the urine output.

I use the two finger rule
(2 fingers should be able to slide in and out of the pocket with no resistance)

I have suffered no bag kinks or condom blow offs for over 2 years using my leg bag holder system and following the 2 finger rule

TIP: If the leg bag is to long or if you want to wear shorts and conceal the leg bag holder. Fold over the leg bag at the bottom 1″ to 4″ this will allow the user to place the holder farther from the knee

Step 6

For best results, administer belt through pant belt loop and attach UR-in-EZ after pants are pulled up and fastened