Q. When I place my leg bag in the leg bag holder it’s up to high on my thigh so it won’t work 

A. I personally use a 32 oz leg bag and I also have long legs but I have to fold the leg bag 3 or 4 inches at the bottom to make it work. The bag works fine, I just have to empty it a little more often

Q. How often should I wash my leg bag holder? 

A. If no bodily fluids get on it, I have gone several weeks before washing it but I am also confined to a wheelchair and don’t sweat like a active person would. Fasten Velcro straps before washing. Hand wash in warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Do not wring or dry in a dryer. Be sure support is completely dry before reapplying it

Q. I have tried several urine bag holder devices and they all slide down when walking. will your product stay on my thigh even if I an a walker?

A. If you wear it with our belt and use the 2 straps to attach to the thigh it will stay in place

Q. Why do you recommend fastening at or below the knee and then pulling up to the thigh vs. wrapping around the thigh? 

A. Wrapping below the knee allows for equal compression on the entire wrap. It will provide a more comfortable, snug fit and will extend the lifespan.(exhibit A)

Exhibit A

Q. Can this be used on the shin or does it have to go on the thighs?

A. You can wear it on the shin, but only for people confined to a wheelchair. Personally I prefer the thigh as it reduces the length of the hose line on the catheter bag or leg bag.

Q. How well does UR-in-EZ stay in place?

A. Results vary among user’s.The less muscle a user has in the thighs the better it stays in place. I have had people test it and it doesn’t move at all and yet some people it starts to slip after walking 50 feet. I recommend the active version if you plan on taking more than a dozen steps while wearing our bag holder.

Q. How long does shipping usually take?

A. Orders are shipped out within 2 business days unless a particular size is on back order for which you will be notified via email. Orders are shipped USPS Priority mail.

Q. How do I know what size to order if I am wearing UR-in-EZ as an active user

A. Measure from your belt line to just above kneecap(exhibit B) If you purchase our belt, a size small will accommodate a span of 14” If using your own belt, a small will accommodate a span of up to 11-1/2″, Medium will accommodate a span of 20”, large will accommodate a span of 26”