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About UR-IN-EZ

Why UR-in-EZ is different and better than the polyester/spandex leg bag holders

I am one of the fortunate handful (5%) that have survived Lou Gehrig’s’ Disease for over twenty-two years and using a condom catheter for more than twenty years. I have tried like many of you all the leg bag holders on the market with negative results.

​I tried leg straps for a couple of years until Bard came out with a fabric leg bag holder, which was superior to leg straps. The problems I found with the spandex/polyester products are 1. they don’t fit that well and thus promote the condom prematurely coming off. 2. they retain the smell of urine and 3, they stretch out and don’t last long.

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Condom prematurely coming Off

If you wear a condom catheter, chances are you have experienced the condom prematurely coming off, resulting in wet pants, an exhausting cleanup, and a change of clothes.

When the bag holder is too large, as the pants are pulled up, the bag holder moves up just enough to put a kink in the bag preventing urine from going into the bag and causing the condom to come off. If the bag holder is too small for the user, it will restrict urine from going into the container.


It took several months of research and testing to find the perfect fabric. I wanted something that wouldn’t retain heat, moisture, and odor. The material had to have the ability to stretch each way to stay firmly on the leg as well as to allow the pocket to expand as the leg bag fills with urine. UR-in-EZ is a 4-way stretchable, breathable compression wrap that can be adjusted to the exact circumference of the user’s thigh. But unlike traditional compression wraps that hold in heat and moisture, UR-in-EZ is a breathable neoprene-like fabric and very comfortable to wear.
Additional issues and the UR-in-EZ solution

After three days of use, polyester/spandex leg bag holders typically smell like urine. UR-in-EZ doesn’t retain urine odors and, if not soiled, can be worn dozens of times before washing.
When wearing shorts, white fabric bag holders, along with the leg bag protruding out, created unwanted attention and questions. UR-in-EZ has the looks and feels of a thigh compression sleeve wrap. Best of all, for additional discreteness, the leg bag can be folded under the pocket with easy access for emptying.
Polyester/spandex leg bag holders commonly tear where the valve pops out and lose their elasticity after several washes. With UR-in-EZ, the fabric is tear-resistant. More durable, and perhaps the last leg bag holder you will ever buy
The adjustable pocket can be placed anywhere on the wrap and will accommodate most leg bags. The stretchable pocket will hold the leg bag flat and firmly in place.
For users who are still mobile, with the addition of a belt around the user’s waist, UR-in-EZ will hold a full leg bag securely on the user’s thigh better than what is currently on the market.
Have a Question? Feel free to email me: ian@urine-bag-holder.com